phpdump( Db.class : line [ 701 ] )
stack: » » Web.class » SingletonClasses.class » SingletonClasses.class » Configuration.class » Configuration.class » Db.class » Db.class
trace: » instance() » __construct() » configuration() » classinstance() » instance() » __construct() » load() » query() » execute()
select as category
      ,lower( as setting
      ,if(x.domain_id is null,
       ,if( = 'user defined' and x.custom_value is not null,x.custom_value, as value

      ,if( = 'user defined',x.custom_value, as default_value
      ,if( is not null
       ,if( =,'y','n')
       ,'y') as is_default
      ,group_concat( as all_options

from edu_property_categories c
    ,edu_property_options    d
    ,edu_property_options    j
    ,edu_property_lists      l

left join (edu_property_options  p
          ,edu_domain_properties x
          ,edu_domains           w)
	   on ( = p.list_id
	   and = x.property_id
	   and = x.domain_id
	   and = '')

where = l.category_id
and like '% configuration'
and   j.list_id =
and   d.list_id =
and   d.is_default = 'y'

group by


select 'system configuration'
       , as setting
       ,if(dss.value is not null and sys.read_only = 'n'
        ,sys.value) as value

       ,sys.value as default_value
       ,null as all_options
from edu_system_settings sys
left join edu_domain_settings dss on = dss.setting_id

order by setting

database: uvu_core
error: Expression #1 of SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column '' which is not functionally dependent on columns in GROUP BY clause; this is incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by
record count: 0
affected rows: 0
Application Error
An error occurred while executing the sql statement.